Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do You Really "Make It Simple" For Us?

Yes! At ITS, our goal is to exceed your expectations and allow your resources to keep doing what they need to be doing for you. We compile all of the information you can provide to us for your project, and we do the rest. No hand holding.

Who Are The People Developing This Content? Are You Experts?

Our team has over 250 combined years of manufacturing industry experience. Not only do we know documentation requirements, we know equipment. Our team is highly skilled in technical writing, step by step procedures, understanding drawings / equipment / 3D models, programming, coding, HTML, and more. Our unique understanding of "both sides" of the industrial fence, put us in a unique position to develop accurately and confidently what you need.

What Is Technical Documentation?

You know how there is always a manual provided for nearly everything you purchase? Well, that’s technical documentation. All equipment you would find inside a manufacturing facility in any industry to anything you would purchase off a shelf – we can do it! Or perhaps you have specific templates and documentation requirements for your equipment or from your customer (WCM, Lean Manufacturing, Visual Job Plans, Standard Maintenance Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Machine Ledgers, etc.) The list goes on – and we are here for you.

Can You Help Us Manage Our Documentation?

Of course. One of our most popular products we offer is the QuickResponse Library (QRL). This is a user friendly, intuitive, and easily accessible interface for your documentation. You can access your standardized documentation via QR code, tablet, PC, any mobile device and augmented reality devices (Microsoft HoloLens). We are more than happy to develop a custom QRL demo for you, on us, to show you the value this can bring to your organization.

Wait – You Can View Documents On The HoloLens?

Yes! When you partner with ITS, you can also develop content (documentation, 3D models, and even training) to be viewed hands free with the HoloLens device. It doesn't get any better than this. Contact us today for a demo, on us, to see how this can fit into your business needs.

Do You Provide Documentation In An "Online" Format?

Yes! While "paper" is still a very popular option for many customers, we can bring any of your documentation requirements to life via HTML. Perhaps you have an excel file that is widely used in your corporation? We can bring it to life by developing it in an HTML format – allowing you to never send an excel revision out again! The beauty of this option is you now can host videos, animations, 3d models, etc. The sky is the limit when you choose to move to interactive HTML documentation!

Who Is Your Sister Company, ECPL?

Energy Control Power Lockout (ECPL) can meet any of your industrial and specialty signage needs. ITS and ECPL work closely together to meet all of our customers needs. Any industry, any sign, any requirement, let ECPL help you take signage to the next level.